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Compressed Christmas Vanilla Bean Cheese
Roasted Marshmallow Sweet Potato Cheesec
white chocolate raspberry cheesecake.jpg
Carmelized Pear Cheesecake_edited.jpg
caramel apple cheesecake_edited_edited.j
Cherry Chocolate Macaroon Cheesecake - 1
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Key Lime Pie.jpg
Blueberry Struessel Pie.jpg
French Silk Pie.jpeg
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Pecan Pie.jpg
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Salted Caramel Brownies.jpg

Heidi's Cakery Menu

Mmmmm . . . Something sweet! What taste do you feel like having? Our specialty is American style treats that will always "Taste Like More!" Something lemony sweet? Chocolate? Butterscotch? Peanut Butter? Lighter than air Cloud-9 Cake with strawberries? A lovely vanilla cake with some oh-so-silky signature buttercream? literally the very best cheesecake you've ever tasted in your life? 

At Heidi's Cakery, we can do the simple and the complex. We have a menu, but if you are thinking about something that isn't on it, please ask!!! We think "out-of-the-pink cakery box," so nothing is off- limits for us! We look forward to creating something special for you that "Tastes Like More!"


Heidi's Signature Peanut Butter "Boller"

If you are a lover of peanut butter and chocolate, with a hint of something extra special, these are for you! Heidi has developed her own secret recipe that will leave your taste buds screaming for more!!!

New York Cheesecakes

7,5 cm high, Ø 26 cm / Serves 16 - 20

Cheesecake!!! It is with Cheesecake that Heidi really began her adventure into developing her own recipes and signature specialities. She started by asking the question, "What tastes do you like most?" and then she began thinking of how those tastes could be made into a customized cheesecake just for that one person (but of course they really should share). A cheesecake from Heidi's Cakery is one of those rare things that can not only be used for celebration, but comfort, healing, and can at least temporarily solve any problem. Pick one from our list below, or commission a custom made cheesecake for someone special! Make sure you have enough because every bite will leave you wanting more! 

peanut butter balls.jpg

American Pies

Ø 23 cm / Serves 8

Did you know that in the States, there are restaurants that ONLY SERVE PIE? Yep, that's right: in the States, eating pie has a culture all its own. Christmas and Thanksgiving wouldn't be the same without pie in all kinds of varieties! Pie is something we go out for after an event or a movie, or just because we want something sweet with our cup of coffee. For me, whenever I eat pie, I think of home. Perhaps American Pie will become just as loved by Norwegians too?!?! Give it a try, and I'm sure you'll understand our obsession!

Lemon Meringue Pie.jpg
Sweet Potato Pie.jpeg

Special Occasion Cakes

Serves from 10 - 350 people


Special Occasions deserve Special Cakes! At Heidi's Cakery, we are not only able to make beautiful, multi-tiered cakes, but also sculpture cakes! Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holidays, Baby Showers, Baby Baptisms/Dedications and Confirmations...what are you celebrating? The first step in making a you a cake that will be a centerpiece at your celebration is deciding what your budget is and meeting with me either virtually (via Skype) or in person.  Please keep in mind that cakes like these take a LOT of time depending on the decorations and the detail involved in creating it...usually between 10-30 hours. Pricing will depend on how you want it to look, how many people you need to serve, and what kinds of flavors you want. Single tier cakes start at 1800 kr. Two tier cakes start at 3200 kr. Three tiered cakes start at 5000 kr. We can do up to 7 or 8 tiers, but that is a BIG cake!!! Sculpture Cakes start at 7000 kr. We have many different flavors of both cake and fillings, so bring your imagination along to our meeting!

Madelene's 3rd Birthday Cake V 2.jpg
Monkey Cakery Photo.jpg

American Style Cookies

20 Cookies Per Order


American Bars and Everyday Cakes

20 pieces per order

American Bars and what Norwegians call "Langpanne Kake" is what is common for Americans to take to a "potluck." (A potluck is when a group of people get together eat and socialize and everyone brings something to share). I deliver my bars and everyday cakes cut into American-sized pieces, each one carefully packaged with its own wrapper, and placed into a lovely pink box. They are something you will be proud to deliver to your next gathering!  


American Style Cupcakes

12 Cupcakes per order

Heidi's Cakery Cupcakes are nicely sized and rounded on the top. You can keep them simple, or make them into something complex with decorations. For simplicity sake, the options listed here are simple options. If you do want some intricate decorations, get in touch with me and we can talk about what you want! 


Toppings and Sauces

Everything is Gluten Free!

This is where you'll find the stuff you just want to pour on top of some desserts, ice cream, waffles, or absolutely anything you want! Sometimes I even eat it right from the jar! (Don't tell my husband or my kiddos!) 

Salted Caramel and Fudge Sauce.jpg
white cake pops with sprinkles.jpeg
sprinkles cake pops.jpeg

Cake Pops!

Cake Pops are a great option for celebrating with kids! They can be simple, or really complex creations! The minimum order is 12 cake pops. Simple cake pops are coated with either a white or milk chocolate with the option of sprinkles on top. I can do some more complex cake pops like animals, or cartoon characters, but I will need to give you a quote for those because of the work involved. 

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