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"It Tastes Like More" is something my Grandma used to always tell me after having tasted one of my sweet treats. She was hinting that she'd really like to have another piece! My love of baking started as a child when I got an "Easy Bake Oven" for my birthday, and after that, there was no stopping me from testing out all of my recipes on my family...the good ones and the bad (but really, how bad can cake be?) :) Now, after marrying a Norwegian man and moving back to my roots here in Norway, I'm ready to share my love of American style cakes & treats with all of you! I can promise you that you will fall in love with the sweet bites of perfection and will ultimately understand first hand why "It Tastes Like More!" 

New York Cheesecakes
Cherry Chocolate Macaroon Cheesecake - 1

If you are a lover of REAL Cheesecake, and I'm talking about the New York Style baked kind, not the no-bake gelatin kind, then you'll have to try a cheesecake from Heidi's Cakery! It is literally the best cheesecake in the entire world! We have a wide range of flavors, ranging from Classic Plain Cheesecake, to Caramel Apple Cheesecake, to the extravagant Cherry Chocolate Macaroon Cheesecake you see pictured above! The best part is that I can customize one just for you! You just need to tell me what flavors/foods you like the best, and you'll get a special cheesecake made just for you! Believe me, you'll want to have enough for more than just one piece because 

"It Tastes Like More!"

Compressed Christmas Vanilla Bean Cheese

Christmas Vanilla Bean Cheesecake with White Chocolate Hearts


Cupcakes...the trendy cake that is purely yours! No sharing necessary!

Perfect for Birthday Parties or Baby Showers!

There is really no limit to how creatively they can be all depends on what you're looking for! We can also do a cream filling on the inside to wow the kids or your guests! 

Always remember to order enough so people can have more than one because

"It Tastes Like More!"

cupcake bouquet box red roses w dk grn b

Want to give a unique gift? Give a Cupcake Bouquet instead of regular flowers...they'll LOVE it! 

Cakes &
American Pies

Wedding? Baby Shower? Birthday? Konfirmasjon? Barnedåp? Anniversary?Whatever you are celebrating, we can design a cake just for you to make your event even more special! We also have cakes for every day (because there's always a reason to eat cake!)


American Pie!

Finally American style pies in Norway! Don't let the day go by without tempting your tastebuds with our exclusive creations!

Try our scrumptious Chocolate Chip Pie, Classic Apple, French Silk, Lemon Meringue and many many more! 


Order enough! 

"It Tastes Like More!"

Cookies & Bars


soft, chewy, just-out- 

of-the-oven, American style  milk chocolate chip cookies! Yep folks, come and get 'em! But we're not stopping there...we have lots of different American style cookies and bars! Your tastebuds will think:

"It Tastes Like More!"


American Style Bars!

 One word: "YUM!" The bars you can order from Heidi's Cakery range from light and fluffy Lemon Delights to rich and dense Double Chocolate Brownies! These are perfect to take to an office meeting, a simple get-together, or just to have for dessert with your family! Remember to order enough...people will want more than one because

"It Tastes Like More!"

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